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What is machine tool CNC technology?

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Machine tool numerical control technology processing uses computer programming to control the operation of processing tools to manufacture parts. The machine tool numerical control technology is used for the operating rules of the computer machine, and these instructions are used to realize the automatic production of the machine tool. The use of computer automation during processing can reduce the possibility of human error and greatly improve reliability and repeatability. In the process of project development, new instructions can be easily added to the original program to improve the accuracy and flexibility of the products produced.

With the continuous advancement of computer technology and applications, more complex workpiece design and production have been realized, especially the application of CAD and CAM, which has further strengthened the overall production capacity of CNC machine tools. The software can not only design the workpiece, but also calculate the motion instructions in various machining processes, and transmit such information-based control instructions to the processing equipment through the control of the computer system of the machine tool.

In addition, the motors and various drive systems are carefully controlled to achieve so-called precision machining, and even more advanced ultra-precision machining. Machine tool numerical control technology is a manufacturing technology that achieves the desired size by reducing materials: parts are manufactured by removing materials from the workpiece by different types of cutting tools. Compared with additive and extrusion molding technology, it is a different manufacturing method.
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