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What does a CNC machine tool do?

Time: 2021-12-28 Hits: 178 views

CNC machine tools are used to cut, shape and create different parts and prototypes. As the tool path can be programmed, any movement can be copied on any machine tool. CNC machine tools are automated processing equipment, operated by a computer executing a pre-programmed sequence of controlled commands. CNC machine tools are essentially the opposite of manual machine tools, which are manually controlled by hand wheels or levers, or only automated by cam machinery. Today’s modern CNC machine tools use computer control system processing language (called G code) to understand and run. The control system language tells the machine tool to produce precise measurement values, such as feedrate, speed, position, and coordination.

The operation of the CNC machining process contrasts with the limitations of manual control, which replaces the limitations of manual control. Manual control requires on-site operators to prompt and guide machining tool commands through levers, buttons, and wheels. To bystanders, the CNC system may resemble a set of conventional computer components, but the software programs and consoles used in CNC machine tooling distinguish it from all other forms of calculation.

A CNC machine tool is a machine that uses computer numerical control to control a machine tool (such as a lathe, grinder, or milling machine). Computer numerical control is different from a typical PC in the type of software used to control the machine. It is specially customized and programmed with G code. The CNC machine tool programming code can accurately control the characteristics of speed, position, coordination and feed rate.