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Application of CNC Technology in Machine Tool

Time: 2021-12-22 Hits: 158 views

Machine tool numerical control technology (CNC) has applications in various production operations such as metal cutting, automatic drawing, spot welding, stamping, assembly, and inspection. However, CNC has found its main application in metal processing operations. It is designed to complete almost the entire metal removal process. Examples of metal processing: turning, grinding, milling, drilling, boring.

The following is a list of applications suitable for machine tool CNC technology:
1. The processing geometry is complex and expensive. Errors in the process lead to high losses.
2. It is expected that the engineering design will change in the future.
3. High metal removal rate is required.
4. The workpiece must have strict tolerances.
5. When many operations need to be processed. It can be processed in small batches.

Machine tool numerical control technology is the process of “inputting” a set of orderly instructions into a specially designed programmable controller, and then using it to guide the movement of a machine tool (such as a milling machine, a lathe, or a cutting machine). The program instructs the tool to follow a predetermined path spindle speed and feed rate at a specific position to produce the required geometry in the workpiece.