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Related Knowledge of Vertical CNC Machine Tools

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A vertical CNC machine tool is the cnc machine tool that rotates the workpiece on a rotating axis, and performs various processing operations such as cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, deformation, and surface trimming. This type of machining is performed using tools, which are applied to the workpiece and create an object that is symmetrical to the axis driven by the spindle.

Normally, CNC machine tools are divided into two main types according to the way the workpiece is clamped: vertical CNC machine tools and horizontal CNC machine tools. For the former, the workpiece is clamped vertically, and the tool is therefore installed in the same direction, so that the machining is carried out vertically. Compared with the horizontal method, due to the gravity effect, this method of clamping is more strict and fixed. Vertical CNC machine tool manufacturers usually manufacture vertical lathes as excellent manufacturing equipment for users who are pursuing high precision in various industrial fields, such as the automotive industry, aerospace industry, sports equipment applications and other fields with larger size workpieces.

For the vertical clamping mechanism, the spindle of the vertical CNC machine tool is also located behind the chuck, and some may be belt-driven, and some may be other types of driving mechanisms. Like other machine tools and machining centers, vertical CNC machine tools are also equipped with electric tools and tool magazines to improve their functionality and versatility and provide users with a wider range of machining possibilities. Power turrets are modern standard accessories for many CNC lathes. Most of the power turrets are driven by a single motor with servo function, which can ensure the processing effect and save energy; at the same time, they can also provide greater rigidity for the workpiece, thereby providing ideal Cutting performance.

The article mainly introduces the relevant knowledge of the main machine of the vertical CNC machine tool. By browsing the article, you can understand that the main machine of the vertical CNC machine tool is the main body of the CNC machine tool. And most of the main machine of the vertical CNC machine tool adopts a multi-functional machine tool structure with high rigidity, high seismic performance, and low thermal deformation. The rigidity and seismic performance of the machine tool host can be improved by strengthening the static rigidity of the structural system, increasing damping, adjusting the quality of structural parts, and natural frequencies, so that the main body of the machine tool can meet the standards of continuous automatic cutting of vertical CNC machine tools.

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