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What is the vibration knife of CNC machine tools?

Time: 2022-01-14 Hits: 163 views

The vibration of CNC machine tools refers to the phenomenon that the surface of the processed part fluctuates due to the unwanted vibration generated during the cutting operation during the machining process of CNC milling, turning, drilling, etc. This happens when the work piece and tool vibrate at different frequencies and can be triggered by many process conditions: tool holder, tool, part fixture, and machine condition.
Chatter during machining can cause unacceptable surface finish and shorten tool life. Vibration marks will appear on the processed surface, usually in the form of wave patterns or regular marks. The continuous vibration of the CNC machine tool will cause uneven wear and even damage to the tool. The vibration of CNC machine tools can usually be heard. Experienced mechanics will be able to recognize when chattering occurs through the unique sound of machine vibration.

Usually 100μm is used as the criterion for judging whether the chatter is appropriate. If the vibration amplitude of cutting exceeds 100μm, it may cause the tool or the work piece to loosen and the operation cannot be continued. When the vibration is less than 100μm, although machining can be performed, there will be obvious vibration scratches on the surface of the part, which is not allowed on the surface of the finished product. Therefore, processing vibration should be limited within a reasonable range.