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SiC Double Disc Grinding Lapping Solution

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The purpose of grinding is to remove the knife marks and surface damage layer on the surface of the SiC slices caused by the cutting process. Due to the high hardness of SiC, high-hardness abrasives (such as boron carbide or diamond powder) must be used to grind the crystal surface of SiC slices during the grinding process. Grinding can be divided into rough grinding and fine grinding according to different processes.

Coarse grinding is mainly to remove the knife marks caused by cutting and the metamorphic layer caused by cutting, and use abrasive grains with larger particle size to improve processing efficiency. Fine grinding is mainly to remove the surface damage layer left by rough grinding, improve the surface finish, and control the surface shape and the thickness of the wafer, which is conducive to subsequent polishing, so use abrasive grains with finer particle size to grind the wafer.

Due to the low fracture toughness of SiC, it is easy to crack during the grinding process, making the grinding of SiC wafers very difficult. Effective grinding requires the selection of appropriate grinding parameters for maximum material removal and control of surface integrity.