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Automobile brake disc double Disk grinding machine

Time: 2022-08-30 Hits: 149 views

The double disc grinding machine for automobile brake discs, which Japan DAISHO can do in the past, and now our YUHUAN CNC Machine also produces this kind of double sided grinding machine for brake disc.
But our Brake Disc Double Disc Grinding Machine will cost less than DAISHO,good precision as DAISHO.

Vertical double Disc grinding machine feeding method is basically not much different from other brands of double disc grinding machine, basically divided into: rotating through type, reciprocating vibration type, swing arm type, through type.

The Feeding Method of brake disc double disc grinding machine is different from these methods.
In addition grinding machine, we also have surface grinding lapping machine,for example,the single surface polishing machine,double surface polishing machine,glass flat lapping polishing machine,ect.Please contact the manufacturer if you need.

Need know more details about our Brake Disc Grinding Machine,please contact us. Millar Lee: [email protected],86-15386487286