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A New Technology of Grinding Double surface of Oil Valve Seat

Time: 2022-08-30 Hits: 150 views

In the grinding process of the double disk grinding machine for the inlet and outlet valve seats of the high-pressure common rail, the ordinary old process is very cumbersome. The double disc grinding process of the oil outlet valve seat is: first, the vertical double disk grinding machine rough grinding – then the plane grinding – and then the double disc grinding , three processes.
At present, the grinding process of the double-end grinding machine for the new oil inlet and outlet valve seat is as follows: using the double disc grinding machine for direct grinding, CBN grinding wheel, one upper and lower grinding wheel to machine both ends of the valve seat at the same time, the upper grinding wheel rotates clockwise, the lower grinding wheel The grinding wheel rotates counterclockwise, and 6 fixtures can be placed on the worktable to process 120 parts at one time. Using Castrol Honilo 980 grinding oil, the process can control the end face dimensional tolerance to ± 0.005 mm, and can meet the requirements of flatness 0.002 mm, parallelism 0.01 mm, roughness Rz 1.0 μm and perpendicularity 0.04 mm, because the replacement The original 3 processes are used, and the blank is directly processed to the size, so there are certain requirements for the size of the blank, such as the parallelism of the two ends of the blank, etc. In addition, the double-end grinding machine is finishing, and the price of the grinding wheel is also relatively expensive, so The machining allowance should be moderate. At present, the unilateral allowance of the end face is set at 0.03mm, and the machining time is about 5 minutes.
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