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Double Surface Grinding process of powder metallurgy auto parts

Time: 2022-08-30 Hits: 180 views

At present, the pillar industry of powder metallurgy is the automobile industry. Because powder metallurgy technology is a material-saving, energy-saving, low-investment, and pollution-free metal forming process, it has long received attention from the automotive industry.
Many of the auto parts are made of powder metallurgy, and the process of double disc grinding of the inner and outer rotors of the oil pump, the inner and outer rotors of the hydraulic motor, the VVT rotor, the stator and the sprocket of the auto parts is undergoing subtle changes. In the early years, powder metallurgy auto parts were processed by traditional surface grinders (or turret grinders) and grinding discs.

Although automotive powder metallurgy finishing enterprises strictly control the processing cost, the requirements for automated production are getting higher and higher, and the precision requirements are becoming more and more stable, more powder metallurgy finishing enterprises are more willing to use powerful grinding double disc grinding machines to do Double surface grinding of powder metallurgy workpieces.We also have a wide range of other popular machines, such as CNC grinder machines, single surface grinding machines, and Duplex single surface grinding machines,duplex single surface grinder, etc. If you need to contact the manufacturer