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The Feature of Double Surface Grinder Machine

Time: 2022-02-18 Hits: 195 views

The main feature of double surface grinding machine is high productivity. The time required to process the parts of the double face surface grinder mainly includes two parts: the motor time and the auxiliary time. The range of speed and feed of the spindle of the double face grinder is larger than that of ordinary machine tools, so the most favorable cutting amount can be selected for each process of the double face grinder. Due to the good rigidity of the structure of the double end grinder, it allows strong cutting with a large amount of cutting, which improves the cutting efficiency of the double end grinder and saves maneuvering time. The moving parts of the CNC machine tool have fast idle travel speed and long workpiece clamping time. The tool can be changed automatically. The time is greatly reduced than that of ordinary machine tools.

1. Rough grinding and fine grinding can be achieved through the program setting of the numerical control system.
2. It can be formed with the reduction of the diameter of the grinding wheel, the correction amount of the grinding wheel is automatically compensated, the ball screw gap error compensation, etc., and the position compensation function after correction;
3. The minimum setting unit of the system is 0.1μm, and the grinding wheel grinding parameter value can be displayed;
4. The use of linear motor, dynamic balance and other technical processes greatly improves the efficiency of the machine tool.