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Sapphire Plate High Precision Grinding-Polishing Progress

Time: 2022-05-27 Hits: 144 views

The role of sapphire double-end grinding machine grinding:

1. Use a double-end grinder to grind the sapphire surface and smooth the sapphire through the incision caused by the grinding wheel in the slicing process.

2. In the process of double-end grinding, the surface processing damage is consistent, and the effect is better and uniform in the subsequent chemical treatment;

3. Grind the sapphire with a double-end grinder, so that the thickness tolerance and dimensional tolerance of the sapphire are consistent.

4. One of the most important reasons for grinding sapphire with a double-end grinder is to improve the parallelism of the two sides, so that the thickness of the sapphire is uniform everywhere;

5. The roughness of the sapphire will be reduced after grinding by the double-end grinder, which will bring greater benefits to the subsequent sapphire polishing work;

The sapphire crystal needs to be sliced. After slicing, the surface is very rough and uneven. The test results show that the surface roughness of sapphire reaches Rt4-6μm, and even reaches 17.4μm in some cases. For this reason, we need to use CNC grinding machine for rough grinding – high-precision polishing machine for polishing.