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Precision double-sided grinding and polishing machine function

Time: 2022-12-08 Hits: 139 views

The function of the precision double-sided grinding and polishing machine: it is mainly a high-precision CNC machine tool used to grind or polish the end face of the workpiece. Many customers also understand it as a grinding machine. However, the precision of the grinding and polishing machine is much higher than that of the grinding machine.

The human-machine interface of the double-sided grinding machine equipment is powerful, which can integrate various buttons, numerical instruments, and alarm information operation instructions, and can monitor the input and output status of the PC, and realize the fault self-diagnosis function, which is used for maintenance and inspection. The touch screen is used to replace conventional buttons, finger lamps and other devices, and a large number of electrical wiring can be replaced by communication lines, which greatly reduces the faults. Therefore, we choose the touch screen to operate, which ensures the convenience of operation. The fast wood machine mainly has Manual, time, automatic, and trimming four working modes. Manual mode is mainly used to adjust the action of the machine tool. Time mode is a mode that sets the time of each pressure stage and automatically converts the corresponding pressure.