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Main Unit of Vertical CNC Machine Tool

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The process of processing parts using CNC machine tools is called CNC machining process. Numerically controlled machine tools also need the so-called “controller”, or the computer part of the numerical control. This kind of computer controller uses programmable drives and sensors to form a complete system, and the computer controls the movement of the machine axis. The article will introduce what constitutes the main machine of the vertical CNC machine tool and its’ features.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which means machining tools operated by coded computer programs to guide the movement of these given tools. Specific types of CNC machining tools include grinders, milling machines, lathes, drills, cutters, and routers.

Compared with the processing technology of manual machine tools, CNC machining can provide fully automatic manufacturing, higher precision and higher repeatability. It can be used for metal, plastic, glass, granite and various other materials. Many CNC machine tools have linear and rotary options, and have multi-axis capabilities to produce parts or surfaces with more complex designs.

The main body of the vertical CNC machine tool is the main body of the CNC machine tool. The device is composed of machine parts such as a bed, a base, a column, a beam, a sliding seat, a machine tool table, a headstock, a feed mechanism, a tool post, and an automatic tool changer. It is a mechanical part that automatically completes various cutting processes through CNC machine tools.

Compared with the traditional host equipment of machine tools, the host of vertical CNC machine tools has the following structural features: Most vertical CNC machine tools use multifunctional machine tool structures with high rigidity, high seismic performance, and low thermal deformation. The rigidity and seismic performance of the machine tool host can be improved by strengthening the static rigidity of the structural system, increasing damping, adjusting the quality of structural parts, and natural frequencies, so that the main body of the machine tool can meet the standards of continuous automatic cutting of vertical CNC machine tools. Using measures such as improving the layout of the machine tool, reducing heat generation, controlling temperature rise, and adopting thermal displacement compensation, the impact of thermal deformation on the host of the vertical CNC machine tool can be reduced.

The main machine of the vertical CNC machine tool uses a large number of high-performance spindle servo drives and feed servo drives, which shortens the transmission chain of the CNC machine tool and simplifies the structure of the main machine drive system of the vertical CNC machine tool. The main machine of the vertical CNC machine tool mainly adopts high transmission efficiency, high precision, no gap ball screw nut pair, plastic slide rail, linear rolling guide rail, static pressure guide rail and other moving parts.
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