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Gasket Plate Using Double Disc Grinder

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Use CNC Disc Grinder for Washer Plate

Retaining rings, which are widely also regarded as circlips or snap rings are fasteners made out of metal which are installed into a groove which is present on a shaft, or in a bore or housing to retain an assembly. The devices hold the parts in their place using a lightweight, compact design which does not require a huge amount of machining operations compared to the other fastening techniques.

The size of retaining rings can vary from 1mm to 1m in diameter. A variety of combinations of shape, style, size and material may even result in designs that perform efficiently in a variety of applications and industries. Taking example of a standard automobile, for example, can have as many as 50 retaining rings in systems which consist of steering, safety equipment, powertrain, etc.

Retaining rings also find their use in several other things, such as wind turbines, fitness equipment, bearing retention, doorknobs, bicycles, gas pumps, in office furniture, and many others.