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What is a CNC surface grinder?

Time: 2022-12-09 Hits: 259 views

The nature of the CNC surface grinder is different from that of the ordinary grinder. The CNC surface grinder can be a double-sided grinding machine or a double-end grinding machine. It is called differently, but the purpose is the same. The precision of the double-sided grinding machine is relatively high. Many customers choose us in order to meet the precision requirements, and we stand out in different fields.

Application fields of double-sided grinder
1)Hydraulic components: vane pump, steering pump, plunger pump, gasoline pump, hydraulic motor, etc.;
2)Compressor parts: air-conditioning compressor blades, pistons, cylinders, refrigerator compressor valve plates, cylinders Cover, etc.;
3) Engine parts: internal combustion engine parts, supercharger parts, oil pump nozzle parts, etc.; 4) Others: various hard alloy blades, high-precision bearings, seals, watch parts, precision ceramics, magnetic materials, etc.