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What are the requirements for grinding carbide with CNC grinder?

Time: 2022-12-09 Hits: 286 views

On the CNC precision grinding machine, some carbide workpieces can be precision grind, but due to the small size of the fine grinding grains, the grinding machine must have a micron-level lateral feed system to ensure the required grinding depth.

In the grinding process of superhard grinding wheels, several requirements are put forward for the grinding machine.

1. The grinding machine must be of high precision. The radial runout of the rotation accuracy of the grinding wheel spindle should be less than 0.001mm, and the axial runout should be less than 0.005mm. The main shaft bearing must be a dynamic pressure bearing or a combination of dynamic pressure and static pressure, and a hydrostatic bearing can also be used. Guarantees the machining accuracy required for precision grinding.

2. The grinding machine must have sufficient rigidity, high stability and low vibration. Machine tool stiffness affects the quality and vibration resistance of the grinding wheel, which in turn affects the durability and life of the superhard grinding wheel and the quality of the grinding process. Generally speaking, the rigidity of ordinary grinding machines should be increased by about 50%.

3.It includes high precision, uniform and stable speed, wide speed range, fast feed speed to ensure productivity requirements and low speed to ensure grinding size, shape accuracy and surface roughness requirements. I need a system. Generally, the minimum longitudinal feed should not be greater than 0.1m/min, and the minimum lateral feed (grinding depth) should be 0.001~0.0005 mm/8t (single stroke). In micropowder wheel grinding, the horizontal feed rate of the grinder should be considered according to the particle size.

4. Consider dressing super abrasive wheels. Dressing superhard grinding wheels involves the need for special equipment, hydraulic fluids, dressing parameters, etc., which may result in machine tool modifications.

5. All moving parts of the machine tool, such as the rotating part of the spindle, the guiding part of the feed movement, etc., should be tightly sealed to prevent the intrusion and wear of the cemented carbide grains.

6. A complete grinding fluid treatment system is required to ensure the cleanliness and functionality of the grinding fluid so as not to affect the surface roughness of the machined surface. Prevents wear and tear on the moving parts of the machine tool from dirty grinding operations.

7.Low vibration is required when grinding superhard grinding wheels. The machine tool should be placed on the anti-vibration base, and corresponding anti-vibration and anti-vibration measures should be taken. For example, the grinding wheel should be trimmed and balanced, and anti-vibration pads should be installed at the machine-ground interface.