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How should we choose a satisfactory surface grinder?

Time: 2022-12-08 Hits: 295 views

There are many brands of surface grinders on the market, and they are also divided into many types. For example, according to the processing accuracy, there are ordinary surface grinders, precision surface grinders, high-precision surface grinders, ultra-precision surface grinders, etc., so how do we choose a satisfactory surface grinder?

1. Cost-effectiveness: the more expensive the better, the cheaper the better. When buying, you should choose a surface grinder that suits the precision according to your workpiece conditions. After understanding the performance of the grinding machine, it is recommended to ask the grinding machine manufacturer to provide proofing to see if it meets your requirements before purchasing equipment. the
2. Look at the configuration: because any surface grinder is composed of several parts, if you want a surface grinder to have good quality and high processing accuracy, the quality of the key parts must be excellent, so that the overall parts can be combined to achieve processing stability and High precision. the
3. Look at the workmanship: Larger companies have strict requirements on the appearance and performance of the equipment, and have very strict procedures. A good surface grinder is very particular about painting, parts processing, circuit layout, oil circuit location, and accessory configuration. It looks beautiful, and it is very user-friendly and smooth to operate. If conditions permit, buyers can go to the equipment factory to see the equipment or scale in person. Seeing is believing. the
4. Look at the plan: more responsible companies make plans for customers in more detail, including the components of the grinding machine, workpiece processing efficiency, process, delivery cycle, logistics form, after-sales service terms, etc., are relatively complete, and the plan can be used as a contract part. the
5. Look at the service: when people have a cold, not to mention the equipment, the post-service is very important, especially for the special professional equipment purchased. If the customer does not have a maintenance worker, he needs to pay more attention. It depends on whether the grinding machine manufacturer has a local service capabilities.